So before I start this post, I would like to state that I was the one who brought ZIIIRO to Turkey for the very first time. (Would you like to know who I am, hit the three line button on the top left of the screen.) I wanted to state this so that you be aware this isn’t just some blogger, marketing some product.


ZIIIRO starts with Derick IP from Hong Kong seeing Robert DABI’s cool, extraordinary watch designs in online platforms. The very first watch that was designed by Robert was the ZIIIRO Gravity…

It was March 2010, when Derick and Robert realized their dreams of putting these amazing watches into production. Since then, they protected the line that the brand was standing for. They didn’t surrender to monetary or populist approaches to promote the brand, and reach more people, out of control. Their motto #maketimefun has been clearly presenting the mindset of timepieces going out of solely being equipments to check time. Today, ZIIIRO represents timepieces as accessories that will add more to its users compared to that of a conventional watch.

ZIIIRO arrives in Turkey

Even though ZIIIRO achieved great success in various countries, the story that brought this amazing brand to Turkey wasn’t going through a way of peaches and cream. I was directing an online watch dealer called Saatturk in year 2012, and that was the first time when I got to know ZIIIRO watches. The business model of the platform, basically, was buying the watches from local suppliers per order received via website. This model has worked pretty well for several years, though, when I got in charge it was very much obvious that it wasn’t sustainable anymore. On one hand it had become very easy to open online stores, and sell watches, on the other hand, most of the suppliers started to open their own online stores to reach the end customers.

Saatturk wouldn’t make it to the next step hadn’t it started distributing watches with exclusivity rights for Turkey. Frankly, changing the status quo wasn’t that easy. Limited marketing budget, as well as products identical to each other out in the market were huge constraints to differentiate the platform. At the end, our conclusion was that we needed to find a product that would market itself. Eventually, I ended up doing a little research over the internet, to find something extraordinary…

To be honest, I didn’t need to spend much time to find what I was looking for. It was like watches one one side and ZIIIROs on the other. The difference when you googled cool watch designs was that razor sharp. Though, it wasn’t easy for me to get a watch that wasn’t on sale in Turkey. First of all, I didn’t want to contact the manufacturer before I was sure that I wanted to get into this business of exclusive distribution. Second of all, I knew that I’d be going to Amsterdam soon, and there was a retailer over there already… Unfortunately though, when I reached there, the store was all closed. There wasn’t even a number that you could call to find out what’s up. So uniting with my crush was left to another spring. Didn’t give up of course. The next month I was in Beijing. Found another store there. It was pricier than on ZIIIRO website, but I got it anyway. The watch really had a breathtaking design. Quartz movement, stainless steel case and strap were both satisfactory as well. The swirly dials with two tone color was so cool.

The moment I arrived back in Istanbul, I reached out to the brand owner. Took me 8 months to convince him to sell his watches to us. Finally we agreed to meet up in Hong Kong and then decided to start a long lasting cooperation. It was April 2013 when we first started selling the watches on our website…

ZIIIRO became a big hit in Turkey. It took so much attention from the customers that let Saatturk to become a true watch dealer that holds exclusivities for 7 different brands that only make cool watches. Most of the companies that didn’t accept the products on their shelves started to queue up to get the products in a very short while. Today the products are sold on websites and retail shops of Turkey that are known by almost everyone, and proudly each and every of them reach the end customers via our company.

I hope you liked this post. I will be more than happy to reply any questions coming to bt@berkaytekin.com, or any of my social media accounts you can reach from the header or the footer.