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Cappadocia in Two Days

I know the fact that my website has become a platform full of travel posts, and I decided to give a break right after I share this two day trip I made a while ago to Cappadocia; probably the hottest of the tourist spots in Turkey. This will be a full 2-day itinerary to all you can do in this UNESCO
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The Lapland Tour

Yesss! Now is finally the time to talk about my Lapland trip from the New Year’s Eve, bound for 2018. Before I move on with the details though, I would like to introduce the ingredients first, which I hopefully will make a habit out of by adding to all my posts. Not to forget, this post can
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So before I start this post, I would like to state that I was the one who brought ZIIIRO to Turkey for the very first time. (Would you like to know who I am, hit the three line button on the top left of the screen.) I wanted to state this so that you be aware this isn't just some blogger, marketing some product. HISTORY OF ZIIIRO ZIIIRO starts with Derick IP from Hong Kong seeing Robert DABI's cool, extraordinary watch designs in online platforms. The very first watch that was designed by Robert was the ZIIIRO Gravity...It was March 2010, when Derick and Robert realized their dreams of putting these amazing watches into production. Since then, they protected the line that the brand was standing for. They didn't surrender to monetary or populist approaches to promote the brand, and reach
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The Big Italy Tour

Hello everyone again. It has been half a year since the last time I posted stuff. I’m super busy ever since, but finally I could make some time to talk about what my Italy tour of 7 days at the end of last summer. Starting from Rome, I went to Pompei, Napoli, Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena, Venice, Bled and Ljubljana (Slovenia), Milan, and finally Como. I’ll try to give out as much details as I can about all the spots and their historical significances. Day 1 Rome We left Istanbul Ataturk Airport around 8am in the morning and landed in Rome around 10am. Before checking in to our rooms, first stop was the city center, the place where the iconic Colosseum was located. Also known as the world’s largest open air museum, Rome injects its history of 3000 years on every single

Ultra Music Festival 2017

Before I start with the festival; I have to mention that this isn’t a professional blog. I don’t take pictures, as well as videos thinking that I’d post on my blog. All of the visuals are randomly clicked, depending on my mood…     While reaching the end of Summer 16′, I felt like the …

Kick Box!

          It has been almost a year since the last time I wrote here. Whenever I feel like writing something, I either have no time, or things I write doesn’t seem very bold in terms of information value, so that I don’t take them online. After the last Spain trip I wrote …