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Hello to my blog everyone, it’s ! You will find a bunch of my interests including travel, books, data analysis and whatnot… All in all, a huge lot of my hobbies! Hope you enjoy it all, and in case you have anything to share please drop me a line using the contact button above!

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  • San Francisco Guide 2023
    Hello, hello! I have been living in San Francisco Bay Area for over 3+ years now, and I know almost all the attractions, including sightseeing and dining out. I wanted to drop this very short article for all of you out there interested in visiting the city. I will make it as concise as possible… Read more: San Francisco Guide 2023
  • A Day Trip to Santa Cruz
    Here is what all you I could do in a short day trip to Santa Cruz from San Francisco. Hello everyone! Here I am again, this time with a post from Santa Cruz, California. After last Thanksgiving day in 2021, I could finally get out and drove down (from SF) to this little, cozy Southwest… Read more: A Day Trip to Santa Cruz
  • Why We Sleep?
    Unlocking the power of sleep dreams with Matthew Walker, PhD. Wanted to do a different sharing this time. Normally I either post travel related stuff -which is 90% of all the content- or fashion related things that I like. Even though I broke the ice a couple of months ago by sharing one of the… Read more: Why We Sleep?
    Hello everyone again. It has been half a year since the last time I posted stuff. I’m super busy ever since, but finally I could make some time to talk about what my Italy tour of 7 days at the end of last summer. Starting from Rome, I went to Pompei, Napoli, Florence, Pisa, San… Read more: THE BIG ITALY TOUR
    Yesss! Now is finally the time to talk about my Lapland trip from the New Year’s Eve, bound for 2018. Before I move on with the details though, I would like to introduce the ingredients first, which I hopefully will make a habit out of by adding to all my posts. Not to forget, this… Read more: THE LAPLAND TOUR